The Art Of Friendship

We All Expect Our Friendships From Childhood To Last Forever…

Libby and Kit have been best friends ever since the day 11-year-old Kit bounded up to Libby’s bedroom window. They’ve seen each other through first kisses, bad break-ups and everything in-between. It’s almost 20 years since Libby moved to Sydney, but they’ve remained close, despite the distance and the different paths their lives have taken.

So when Libby announces she’s moving back to Melbourne, Kit is overjoyed. They’re best friends – practically family – so it doesn’t matter that she and Libby now have different . . .well, different everything, actually, or so it seems when they’re finally living in the same city again.

Or does it?

Praise for The Art of Friendship

“I connected to this book on so many levels. It is simple yet complicated, sad and real, uplifting and funny. It is about the friendships we hold and those we lose. Something about it felt intensely personal.”

International bestselling author, Sally Hepworth